Hot Sauce

To the Pepperhead it’s the flavor of the pepper that Peter Piper picked. Most would just smile and nod and silently say that there’s something not quite right with that guy.

Why the Pepperhead continually is on a quest for more heat is the subject of debate. Scientific studies done by universities and bars try to answer is it taste, heat or the endorphin rush afterwards. In the pepper you separate the different colors, scents, heat, flavors and textures. To the Pepperhead a new pepper is just like tasting a new wine.

The pepper is studied in universities  for its uses in medicine and horticulture. New Mexico State University is the world’s best for information about anything having to do with peppers. If you are having trouble growing them or want to know the dietary value of your favorite Chile you can find it at the Chile Pepper Institute.

The pope of peppers is Dave DeWitt who has studied all foods hot for many years.  You can follow him on twitter @fieryfoods or go to the website for news about more things hot.

Why Canfield’s got into the hot souce business is simple.  One of the buyers had been slipping away to pepper shops and shows in Fort Worth Texas for the afternoon when he was supposed to be buying fishhooks or shotgun shells. After years of coaxing, hot Sauce was added to Canfield's line of products. You'll see the hot sauce display next to the fishing and hunting items and the people in that department have all tried at least some of the hot sauces Canfield’s sells.

Now with over 300 different seasonings and sauces Canfield’s is a great place to see and on occasion try different seasoning, foods, sauces and snacks. We always have some bottles in the back to let you try.  

Life is meant to explore….push the edges and find something new!


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